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My understanding is that the practice we usually follow for comics characters is to first describe them in the context of the comics throughout the majority of the article, and then describe their other media appearances in the other media section. User:Remy+rogue feels that having "a short paragraph that makes it clear that the "Fictional character biography" section refers to the comic portrayal only and not the MCU" as seen here on Helmut Zemo is a bonus that will help readers. Seeing as we do not do this on any other article that I am aware of, what is the proper way to handle this situation? Pinging User:Blazewing16 as a knowledgeable editor in the "Other media" subject area. (talk) 13:51, 13 May 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Dream To Reality Csd Reader 54

Answer: As Gunnar Jahn, Chairman of the Nobel Committee, said in his presentation speech: He is the first person in the Western world to have shown us that a struggle can be waged without violence. He is the first to make the message of brotherly love a reality in the course of his struggle, and he has brought this message to all men, to all nations and races.

Building that business required a leadership team that could harness the chaos, set big goals and motivate everyone to work together. They had to figure out how to deal with the brilliant, the stubborn, the dreamers and the grind it out-ers who had to come together to build the business.

Chief Hollingsworth shares that a person who wanted a position as a volunteer firefighter would need to go through the same training and certification process, with the attendant costs, to qualify. With a population that sees the original Woodstock as a generational touchstone, the reality of finding even a small number of folks with the physical, emotional and dedication to service to take on this role, well, not going to happen. The spirit is willing, but the flesh would prefer to leave it to the professionals.


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