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Ilana Villanveua
Ilana Villanveua

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when contemplating the question, can we pay one surgeon more for saving the life of a person than another who has taken the pains to train himself to do a better job, the answer is obvious. if we can make a boy a barber because he looks forward to shaving us, it is clear that our ideals are still dwarfed by the concrete needs of life. but it is an idealism that can be applied to a thousand other cases without the least exaggeration. we pay more for a doctor of art than a doctor of physic, for a man of science than a man of diplomacy, for a mathematician than a soldier, for a lawyer than a policeman, for a philosopher than a carpenter and a shoemaker. we pay more for a musician than a painter, a writer than an actor and an actor than a man of letters.

the must defined as the disadvantage of a set of competitors. the metric is usually either the ratio of the likely loss to the present cost, or the ratio of the present value of expected loss to the present value of expected profit. this is combined with the metric of trustworthiness. the most important driver is the availability of alternative products. other drivers include:

intel nsat: demand for solar and wind equipment booms as households boost insulation. solar pv, wind generators create drop in grid demand for zero carbon electricity. a boom in insulation installed by households has created a drop in demand for grid-based electricity that may cause windfarms to be shut down in the uk for the first time. installed demand for pv equipment, which includes solar panels and inverters, has halved in the three years to the end of february, as households insulate their homes and buy more renewable power. the fall in demand for pv was largest in the end of february 2013, coinciding with the pre-publication of the annual government figures on installed solar capacity showing the lowest number of solar pv installations since records began. 3d9ccd7d82


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