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[S1E6] The Laziest The Ghost

At school the next day, Gumball takes his mother's advice and finally makes his stand and refuses to let Carrie borrow his body. The ghost is shocked to hear this, and after a few pleading attempts to get him to change his mind, Carrie decides to "take" his body. After a moment of binging, Gumball tries to fight back, but he is failing. He begs Darwin to beat Carrie out of him, but the fish points out that he is a "paci-fish." Carrie escapes outside and eats garbage and even drinks some water leaking from a dumpster until Gumball finally regains control of himself and points out to Carrie (seen in a reflection in a puddle) that she has a serious problem, and shows her that she has even eaten part of an old flip-flop. Carrie realizes she has gone too far and leaves Gumball's body. Darwin suddenly appears, banging Gumball on the head. Carrie apologizes to Gumball and looks to an unfortunate food-less eternity, but Gumball has an idea.

[S1E6] The Laziest The Ghost

Madison and Behold buy the Murder House on behalf of the Coven, under the pretense that they are a married couple. They cast a spell to force the spirits of the house to appear to them. They encounter the ghost of Constance Langdon, who agrees to provide information on her grandson Michael if they banish her old nemesis, Moira O'Hara, from the house. Madison and Behold exhume Moira's bones and bury them with her mother's; Moira is then set free from the house.

Nathan is a bland lead. We are told he is a practitioner of the new science of psychology thus a young, handsome, well off male protagonist who is also intelligent. However when do we see his skills used and not just suggested in passing? Admittedly they can only use the level of psychology that was available at the time which was pre-Freud/Jung. So what Nathan uses is an even more basic version than those now surpassed, yet well established in the public consciousness, landmark works. So how do they present it in the series? He hypnotises Harriet Denning twice during the series. You could argue he applies his skills when dealing with others during the series but really could we not argue that his words could have come from any other character in the positions he finds himself in? His major arc is seeing ghosts which he initially dismisses but eventually is driven to a state of high agitation by.

Even if you overlook the fatphobia that follows this character around like a shadow, you'll find that the biggest problem with Fat Monica is how the show used her to garner cheap laughs in the laziest ways possible.

Erin fights to pull off a "sexy" and "scary" Halloween party so Andy can impress their new boss, Robert California. Meanwhile, Robert was up to his own hijinks as he spent the day figuring out every employee's biggest fear to create an epic ghost story.

That evening, Dean's strange behavior escalates and he sets off an EMF detector, proving that he's "haunted." He's also begun to incessantly scratch his left forearm. A call to Bobby diagnoses Ghost sickness, in which a spirit literally infects a person with fear, which intensifies until the victim's heart gives out. The victims had all used fear as a weapon during their lives, which Sam summarizes as, "they were all dicks." Dean protests as to how the two of them could be like that, to which Sam clarifies that their way of life essentially scares people more than they deserve as well as pointing out that he apparently isn't much of a "dick" like Dean is to not be affected by the ailment. Bobby also theorizes that if the ghost that started the infection is destroyed, the sickness should clear up.

In the hotel room, Dean begins to hallucinate, and unexpectedly coughs up a wood chip. Sam realizes that the symptoms are trying to communicate something about the original ghost. They investigate the abandoned Cassity & Sons Lumber Mill and - after a run in with a stray cat that makes Dean scream like a girl - they find an ID card for Luther Garland, along with a number of drawings of Frank's wife Jessie. When the ghost of a hulking man appears and machinery starts to move on its own, Dean cuts out back to the Impala in terror.

While Sam and Bobby are trying to catch the ghost, Dean is alone in his room and hears hellhounds. Sheriff Britton breaks down the door, and is crazed and convinced that Dean and Sam will turn him in for his complicity in covering up Luther's murder. His heart gives out before Dean can reason with him.

None of the writers, or anyone on the creative team of Supernatural, think Dean's ever been a dick, past, present, or future. He's a hero. Dean did not contract the ghost sickness because he's a dick. Victims contract the illness because they use "fear as a weapon." Dean asks Lilith at the episode's end, "Why did I get infected?" And she cryptically responds, "You know why. Listen to your heart." We, as the writers, probably should have emphasized this mystery more, I take responsibility for that omission. But the point is: the reason he was infected is because of a secret he's keeping. A dark secret that will be revealed in Episode 10. And not at all because of any dickishness, implied or otherwise.

Phillip then takes the boys aside and privately gives them what was bequeathed to Bobby, as the family, dubbed WASPs by Sam, are greedy vultures in Phillip's opinion, and would no doubt try to stake claim to the object. When the boys open it, they realize it is a pendant inset with rubies and diamonds. However, when they get it examined, the jewels are revealed to be fake, and the pendant a key. The boys return to the manor to find out what it is a key for. Unbeknownst to them, one of the family - Bunny's brother, Stanton - has been beheaded by Lance, Bunny's late husband, after he insulted a portrait of her in his room. His "child bride," Amber, witnessed the whole thing and is convinced it was a ghost.

Sam and Dean are under suspicion by the resident police officer, and are forbidden from leaving the house. Dean suspects a vengeful spirit after they question Amber, and goes to investigate the house while Sam questions other family members. In his investigation, Dean discovers a book on a shelf whose spine matches the pendant's shape. He pulls it to reveal a locked door. Using the key, he enters, seeing, among several other objects, a lead pipe and a length of rope. He picks up the pipe and ascends the stairway to find a dusty room that appears to have been lived in by a child. He also finds Olivia, who tells him that Phillip locked her and Colette away so she wouldn't have to lie to the police, and that Colette's body (also in the attic) was hidden here. Dean asks if Colette was also killed by Lance's ghost, and Olivia tells him it was Bunny's.

Downstairs, Dean and Olivia join Sam (who is playing cards with the two older women, Beverley and Heddy). Dean tells Sam that they are Hunting two ghosts, and suggests they talk to Phillip, since he is the only one who truly knows what is going on. They ponder why Bunny would want Bobby to have a key to her attic, and why Phillip is covering the ghost-Bunny's murder. They split up, Dean going to question Phillip and Sam to investigate the Manor, during which Beverley propositions him. Meanwhile, Dean questions Phillip about his actions, not before picking up a wrench to arm himself. Little does he know, Sam is also investigating the house. He picks up a knife and finds Phillip's body, a knife in his back. Phillip admits to Dean that he did hide Colette's body, out of loyalty to his former employer. Dean then receives a text from Sam, stating that he has found Phillip, who is dead. Before he can ask the fake Phillip what is going on, Dean is suddenly attacked by the fake Phillip, and thrown across the room. When he recovers to try and pursue him, Dean finds shapeshifter skin in Phillip's suit. They are not hunting ghosts, but a shifter.

As they go down the list it seems the cities lower on the totem pole witness more monster attacks, finally ending in City Z which has become a proverbial ghost town. This is also the city where Saitama lives.

A group of heroes investigate the ghost town area of City Z and are amazed by a destroyed building which gives them an idea that there might be more monsters in the area.After the end credits, Genos tells Saitama that his rank went from 388 to 342. Genos finds out that he is voted number 6 in popularity which makes Saitama jealous.

He says he loves his wife, Benita, but does not like her and wants a divorce. However, he would take mild offense when a ghost called Benita beautiful in episode "Ghost", implying that Diego somewhat genuinely still wants her on his side. He is chill, hates his life, but still is making the best of it.

I don't want Issa to keep seeing Nathan, either. Unless something tragic happened, there is no excuse for straight-up ghosting after telling someone how much you like them. At the start of the episode, he's sweet and supportive, but once news of the open Lyft investigation hits, he's nowhere to be found. What's worse is that Issa eventually receives confirmation that Nathan is 100% avoiding her. He gives a statement to Lyft and the investigation is closed, but Issa's texts and calls remain unanswered. I think this dude fled Houston because of some legal trouble and is now in a panic over yet another brush with the law. Maybe he has a kid and is behind on child support? Whatever the deal is, it better not impede Issa's progress.

// They could have had him try to go for the ghost, or scramble for something else to use as a weapon, but instead they had him sit with Bela and share her helplessness. Obviously all of that evaporates by the end of the episode, but I still found it noteworthy. // 041b061a72


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