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Buy Back Store Locations [Extra Quality]

On, first complete the Buy Back & Resell form. This form will ask you questions about the condition of the IKEA furniture you would like to sell back. You need an IKEA Family member account number to complete the form. Once you complete the Buy Back & Resell form, you will receive an email with your quote. Please bring a copy of your quote and your fully assembled furniture to your participating IKEA, entering through Returns & Exchanges. To learn more about the IKEA Family program or to sign up for free, visit

buy back store locations

Our ambition is for all stores to participate in Buy Back & Resale one day. However, if your store is not included to participate in this service, this may be due to certain local/county/state laws that place restrictions on all businesses. Our US Legal and Public Affairs teams will continue to address the stores where we cannot yet operate, and we will update you as soon as anything officially changes. We are working through the process for the following stores:

You will need to fill out the online form and receive a quote in order to sell back your product prior to coming in store for the sell-back. You can only bring your sell-back furniture to a participating IKEA store.

There are times where we cannot buy back your product because we cannot resell it. You may take the product back home with you. Or if you choose not to participate in the Buy Back & Resell program and do not want to return it to your home, IKEA may recycle or dispose of it according to our zero waste-to-landfill policy.

Products that have been recalled are not eligible for Buy Back & Resell, but you may be entitled to a full refund by returning them to your nearest IKEA store. To learn more visit -service/product-support/recalls/

Unfortunately, we will not match third party sites because all products are reviewed based on condition, age and functionality. You do not have to return the product if you are not happy with the price you are offered, either in response to the online form or the in-store quote.

At this time, we do not offer a pick-up service for Buy Back & Resell. We ask that you bring the product back fully assembled so we can properly assess it on-site. We will not be able to accept the product unless it is fully assembled.

You can use the Store Credit for any purchase within any IKEA store or online in the US. Store credit does not expire, so you can save it up to purchase something you love. Unfortunately, we cannot replace the store credit if you lose it so hold it safe.

There are 16 In-Store Redemption locations. You may redeem your CRV materials at a cash register or a designated location in the store. Look for a sign which is required to be posted at all public entrances.

If a resident has a complaint regarding Buy Back Centers or In-Store Redemption locations by emailing your/their name, phone number, a brief summary of the issue, and the name and address of the dealer to:

Buyback prices are determined by campus demand for the book next term or national demand via used book wholesalers. When the UCLA Store needs a title for the following term, we attempt to pay a premium for it over wholesale buyback prices and online buyback prices. It is our preference to buy those books back from UCLA Students.

Now you can check the buyback value of a book online with our new Price Inquiry feature. All pricing inquiries are subject to change at any time based upon current demand and/or the condition of the book(s). Since Buyback pricing is based on changing demands, final buyback pricing is always determined at the buyback location.

While the UCLA Store buys back books at any time during the year, the best time to sell your books is the 10th week of the quarter when the store begins buying books for the next term. As the needed quantity is filled, the buyback value decreases.

Wholesale buyback is available all year round: Ackerman Union, Lu Valle Commons and Health Sciences Store. Additional locations are available during Finals Week. There are expanded hours and locations at the end of each quarter, during 10th week and finals.

In almost all cases, when a book is replaced with a new edition, the old edition is no longer eligible for buyback. As this is not always the case, we are happy to check your old editions to see if they are eligible for buyback.

You can also make the most out of your old tech with our trade-in program. Simply redeem your tech by sending it in or bringing it to a participating store for a Best Buy gift card that you can use to upgrade to the latest tech.

A student of this institution is not under any obligation to purchase a textbook from a Lone Star College affiliated bookstore. The same textbook may also be available from an independent retailer, including an online retailer.

Traditional financial aid is through the LSC book advance program. Students with book advance funds will select financial aid at the checkout on the bookstore website and enter their student ID to charge their aid. Non-traditional aid like VA, and vouchers would enter their program authorization number in the student ID field to charge their aid voucher accounts on the website.

Students are welcome to visit the bookstore for purchases, however, the standard order processing and shipping time for in-stock products is 3 to 5 days business days. Customer are encouraged to order early especially during the holiday season such as December as UPS and Federal Express could experience delays during this time. Request for expedited orders will ship the day the product is available. Please allow more time for back-orders and holiday orders.

To cancel an order, please email the order number and campus location to your local campus bookstore with a cancel order request in the subject line of the email. Bookstore addresses are posted on the bookstore website.

All orders are processed, fulfilled, and shipped from our campus bookstore facility. Please log-into your order for a status update or email your local bookstore with your campus location and order number. Please put ORDER UPDATE in the subject line.

Please return the incorrect book with receipt to the campus bookstore where it was purchased for a refund and assistance with a book exchange. If you need to mail-in your refund/return book, please include your original receipt with the book. If you need assistance ordering a different book, contact your campus bookstore using the contact list above for more assistance.

It is our goal to respond to every request, however bookstores do get very busy especially at the beginning of each semester which cause wait times to be longer. Please call back or send an email to your local bookstore email address with a detail message and your contact information.

It is our goal to respond to every email request, however during our busiest season, please allow 2 to 3 business days for a response. Please include your local bookstore location and your order number with a detail message and contact information.

Use your Discover Card when you check out at these stores and get cash at checkout with your purchase. Just click to find a location near you. Check with your local stores for their cash at checkout limits.

Amazon's trade-in program works a lot like its retail store. You do an easy search for an electronic item, enter any necessary details (storage, screen size and so on) and then select the device's condition. Amazon will then make an offer for your electronic gadget and, if you accept it, provide a free shipping label for the item.

Apple states it will take two to three weeks to complete the online trade-in process. If you want to place your order for a new device right now, the company will credit your payment method with the trade-in value once it's processed. Alternatively, if Apple Stores are open in your area, you can visit the store and get an instant store credit for your trade-in. It's especially helpful with the launch of the iPhone 14.

Getting a quote from Best Buy is as simple as picking a product category, manufacturer, model and condition. Once you've filled out the questionnaire, the tool will estimate the unwanted device and give you an instant quote. The offer amount, if you choose to accept it, will only be awarded as store credit in the form of a Best Buy gift card.

When your device is received, ItsWorthMore will verify if the indicated working condition is accurate -- that is, whether it's in good condition, fair, broken, and so on. If there's a discrepancy, you'll have a chance to ask for the device back or accept the revised offer.

Unfortunately, there are a few reasons why the University Store may not be able to offer you full buyback price for your textbook, including if your textbook is in unreasonably bad condition, if the University Store has already met their quantity limits for that title, if there is no national demand for your book, if a new edition has been published, if your textbook is a part of a custom package that is missing pieces, or if your instructor has elected to not use that book the following semester.

To get the most cash back the best time to sell your textbooks is at the end of each academic semester; however, textbooks will be bought back on a daily basis throughout the academic year at wholesale value.

If you rented a textbook from the University Store for the fall semester, those books can also be returned at our buyback location. Please remember, rented textbooks are property of the University Store and must be returned by no later than Friday, December 9 at 5 p.m. to avoid penalties. Please refer to the University Store's textbook rental agreement for any questions you may have.

Some stores have temporarily halted collection of plastic bags and wraps. And some of you are not able to venture out. If either is the case, please collect your bags/wraps at home until events change. Bags/wraps can be compressed and stored inside another plastic bag. 041b061a72


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