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Best Omnisphere 2 Patches 2021

Introducing a collection of 276 new patches for Omnisphere consisting of risers and swells, presented in an entirely new way. Now you have the freedom and control to choose the timing of each riser and swell to meet your demands. Presented in 2, 4, 8, and 16 bar iterations (with a smattering of 1 bar versions thrown in for good measure), each riser will finish its crescendo at the right ending point, no matter the tempo, every time. Whether you need short transitions or anticipation-inducing builds, Ascension puts the control in your hands.

Best omnisphere 2 patches

As an added bonus, Ascension gives you control with your modulation wheel to add a side-chain compression simulator that emulates the popular "four on the floor" pumping effect. Many patches are also optimized for use with The Orb, giving you even more real-time control on stage and in the studio.

I took all 12 of my ambient pads WAVs, tediously sampled them across the keyboard, and made them into playable multis to use in Omnisphere 2. For simplicity sake (and because most people live in the Patch Browser), I also made these into individual patches (which saves on CPU).

Great great pads!! Love the warmth and versatility of them in different musical genres (electronica, downtempo, etc.) They are quite unique from other patches/soundsources produced by other companies. These are a must have! RMD

The Fame Series pays homage to famous synth sounds used in popular music, and with Modern Pop, the focus is on songs from the 90s to today. From Billie Eilish to Kanye West, Tyler, the Creator, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and Lady Gaga, this collection is no stranger to the spotlight. These patches serve as great starting points for new, organic compositions. And since they are replicated from famous songs, they'll create magic in your track with very little fuss.

I was waiting for quite a while to hear this release. And what a release it is ! My highest expectations where more than fulfilled. It is a firework of excellent programming and it is without any doubt one of the best Omnisphere Libraries I ever bought.BPM in the most perfect form you can think of. Tim worked more than a year on this Library and this shows in each and every pad. Its a pity to rate it with 5 stars because it deserves 7 Stars. You wont miss that in your collection!

Just having one of these VST synths in your collection will help to level up your productions. Diva is an absolute gold mine for analog sounds, Serum is versatile and sounds phenomenal and Omnisphere has the world's best library of weird & wonderful samples.

It comes shipped with over 1200 presets, that are honestly the best presets we have ever heard inside a softsynth & are extremely different to the usual stale, trap/dubstep presets that are shipped with other VSTs.

You can make anything from Drums, to Pads, to realistic sounding Keys patches. It all comes down to your imagination and capability when using the synth. We personally would recommend new producers to learn on Serum before picking up any other synth.

It is the king of software synthesizers and is by far the best synth VST plugin on the market for sound design. It's a lot more expensive than something like Diva, or Serum, but there's good reason for that.

There's a whole lot more we could cover on Omnisphere, but there's not enough space in this article. The sound quality & vast creative possibilities are enough alone to make this the best synth vst out there, let alone the included updates that continually make it better & better.

It's a big investment, but it's the best investment you'll ever make as a music producer. If you're looking for unique sound design, that makes peoples hairs stand on end, then this is the right virtual instrument for you.

Omnisphere's sound quality is out of this world. The cinematic sounds are beyond anything we've heard from the likes of Serum or Phase Plant, and it's best suited for people who are looking to compose music for film or TV.

It will break the bank, but it's 100% worth it. For someone looking for a VST synth for sound design, to create weird & unique patches that never get boring, Omnisphere is for you. The arp alone is worth it in our opinion and the patterns you can create are simply insane.

Rapid combines a library of fantastic samples, with wavetable synthesis (much like Omnisphere does). This allows you to create incredibly unique, and in-depth patches, when combining with the vast modulation features you get in this plugin.

TAL-Bassline 101 a master at creating bass and is modelled from the legendary Roland SH-101 bass synth that became a staple of house music in the 1990s. So if you're into making that old school vintage house music then this is the best synth plugin for that.

Also included in the package is the new sample engine which allows you to browse the already huge list of sounds or add your own to patches. This is taken even further when using the new synth mode & in-built granular effect to create interesting tones & movements in your sound.

Arturia V Collection is truly a sound designers dream come true and is the best virtual analog synth plugin of all time. We highly recommend taking a look at this beast. For the price, it is the most incredible piece of technology we've seen & with continual updates that make it better & better, it looks like it's going to stay that way for a long time.

With second hand units going for close for $20,000, getting your hands on a classic Jupiter 8 has become extremely difficult. Arturia recently solved this by creating the best emulation of the original known to man.

One of the best things about Softube Modular is its ease of use. Unlike other modular instruments that are daunting and somewhat overwhelming, Softube makes it easy for beginners to rustle up some awesome sounds, with over 200 quality templates to choose from.

Omnisphere 2 is a powerful synthesizer with 4 layers per patch and 500 wavetables and lots of synthesis options. One of the best synthesizers for music production and sound design.

In terms of initial flexibility, you get more than 2,400 presets to choose from, made by some of the best sound designers in the industry. Once you find a preset you like, you can manipulate several parameters, including seven rearrangeable effects and two function generators. There is also an onboard arpeggiator and step-sequencer with four independent outputs.

The Sound Match process places the most similar patches at the top.Of the new types, Innerspace made the most dramatic impact. It works in a similar fashion to a convolution reverb, imprinting the resonances from a large catalogue of spaces onto your sound. Two unique spaces are available simultaneously to be blended or morphed to taste, the choices ranging from dripping water and scraping strings, to recordings of rain, fire and jingling glasses, plus multiple objects being hit and many more. Innerspace is a surefire treat for ambient composers everywhere.

The Ethereal Electronics Library contains 185 high quality presets and over 100MB of unique content for the beautiful Omnisphere 2.6 synthesizer from Spectrasonics and is suitable for any contemporary electronic and ambient music genres. It includes a well balanced assortment of presets created from scratch and spread out across a diverse category of patches, including arps, basses, leads, pads, plucks, keys, and sequences. In total, there are 123 single patches and 64 multis. A lot of the patches fuse original multi-sampled content, making this a hybrid library which contains an additional 100MB of original wav samples and attacks embedded within the presets.

Ethereal Electronics contains exceptionally beautiful pads, lush atmospheres, and serene soundscapes that sound truly unique thanks to Omnisphere's powerful blend of synthesis methods, granular/wavtable/va/fm/rm. These properties combined with the ability to importu unique multi-sample wav content enables Omnsiphere to be capable of some amazingly beautiful sounds. In addition, many of the patches utilize the hybrid blending of samples to the full extent, adding a tasteful organic layer or textures complimenting its live synthesis. A lot of love and appreciation also went into crafting these additional wave samples, blending as many as 5 layers of ambiences into one source. The goal was to subtlely aid the beauty and power of omnisphere's beautiful unique sound, without ever masking it.

I have one of your Thorne libraries so far and really loving it. Lucky me, i own Omnisphere2 as well, so this one will be a no brainer instabuy. It's clear that you know, what you do. Quality electronic sounds with strong feel of heritage of all the great psychedelic vibes and also a unique step up, modern approach. I like how complex most of the patches, let be an arp or a texture. It's inspirational. Nowadays the market is full with the same old stuff over and over, but Touch The Universe truly is an oasis nowadays. Congratulation and PLEASE KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!


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