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Pencils Down Stop The Homework Insanity

I have a problem similar to this but only with the up on the D-Pad it doesn't stop going up and it does this with my analog stick and I have to press down on the d-pad and push down on the analog stick to make it stop going up. Any help?

Pencils Down Stop The Homework Insanity

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When I did a continuity test I discovered the common path that's in series on each direction stopped after down. When I looked closely with the microscope I could see the next direction left had material rubbed away right near the pad I will try to upload a photo. As for fixing I have a pen for fixing traces I'm going to try to draw a new path there and then probably mask the edge with a little tape so that it can't rub there anymore.

In the example about not going to school, my first question is why doesn't she want to go to school? Is she being bullied? Is there a conflict with teachers? Is she afraid of bad grades/ peer pressure/drama...? Most kids don't hate school for no reason whatsoever. Maybe they're not engaged enough, find it boring, or are being bullied. What if it was something much more serious? (Sexual abuse, anyone?) The point is, the original motive was probably not just to spite mom and dad, but it may become partly once a power struggle ensues. When you merely bark orders, you close off a door to more honest and open communication. Why not think of ways to make school better? Maybe even change schools, or find a different way to get one's education. Often, there are more solutions than meet the eye. It's not just "my way or the highway". Try to dig a little deeper into why your kid may refuse to do things. If you don't get as far as you like, it still sends the message that the parent is truly listening, and not just concerned with their own interests/convenience. In my mind, a power struggle can signal that the kid's behavior, and by extension, their problems are merely inconvenient to the parent, and that's the only reason why the parent wants them stopped, as opposed to the child's best interests. Think of it this way, are you putting your foot down for you, or for them? Maybe it's time to rethink YOUR priorities...

One advice, becareful with providing rewards for overcoming bad behaviors. Children, believe it or not, will catch on and learn that the worse they can behave one day will grant them a more valueable reward the next day. Keep consequences in line with behavior and watch out for oxi-moron consequences. One such would be grounding them from the computer for not doing homework when teenager may need computer to do homework, can use computers at library etc. If you do let them use it for homework, or they use the computer else where they will feel they got one over on you and it becomes a game to them. its not like your going to sit and monitor them every minute they are going to do there homework. I have two teenage daughters. One has ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) the only thing i have found that works with her is never to take anything away, but delay the activity for a bit. such as she continues to argue i'll grab my book "the quick and easy way to effective speaking" , if she is having troubles in school, then before she can watch her favorite show "teen wolf" she has to listen to me read for about 30 min from my book "how to stop worrying & start living" or "how to win friends & influence people." She hates it but sometimes something sinks in, and I havent provided any consequece that cant be enforced or proned to being bent. I will also write her letters ensuring her i want to help her accomplish things in life that "she wants" to accomplish and always ask her to reflect and ask herself these questions: 350c69d7ab


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