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John Thompson
John Thompson

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hpprobookelitebookbiospasswordresetutilityhpbr <hpprobookelitebookbiospasswordresetutilityhpbr-key> hpprobookelitebookbiospasswordresetutilityhpbr-key="secret key value" q: how can i connect the iostreamreader to a stream in c# i need to read data from a stream and put it in my application's iostreamreader. i have an example that works: using (filestream fs ="c:\users\jdoe\desktop\test.txt", using (streamreader sr = new streamreader(fs)) string line; while ((line = sr.readline())!= null) console.writeline(line); but i need to connect the iostreamreader to a stream. for example, i have a stream called "mystream". how can i connect the iostreamreader to this stream? a: you can set the stream property of iostreamreader. using (filestream fs = using (streamreader sr = new streamreader(fs)) = mystream; string line; while ((line = sr.writeline(line); } a: you can do it in a manner similar to this: using (streamreader sr = new streamreader(mystream)) // do stuff with sr you just need to set the stream property of streamreader, as shown above. q: passing model back to viewmodel causes nullreferenceexception i'm trying to pass a model from the controller to the viewmodel but it keeps causing a nullreferenceexception. controller: controller.cs public actionresult edit(int id) { var model = (from m in db.users where m.


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