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Ad-Aware Portable 8.0.7 Multilingual Full Version

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limitation 2: we assume that the rdf dataset does not use any form of reification. recall that, rdf is perfectly suited to represent binary statements like margarita contains cointreau which can be represented as the triple (margarita, contains, cointreau). reified statements are used when there is the need to speak about a binary statement like in: margarita contains 50 ml of cointreau. in this case, a triple is not enough to represent this piece of information. the semantic web community proposed a series of models to represent this type of information. for a full overview of the presented models, we refer to[ 13 ]. one of the models is n-ary relations (the reification model used by wikidata), where the knowledge would be represented as: 3d9ccd7d82


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