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Trevis - All Night (Audio)

"Huge milestone," Thompson said Monday of potentially playing again Tuesday night. "Even more fun to do in front of family [in Los Angeles]. I spent so many great moments in that building with my dad and my brothers and my mother. I'm just excited to get down there and play in front of them.

Trevis - All Night (Audio)

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Taxi Driver is a 1976 American neo-noir psychological drama thriller film directed by Martin Scorsese, written by Paul Schrader, and starring Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd, Harvey Keitel, Peter Boyle, Leonard Harris, and Albert Brooks. Set in a decaying and morally bankrupt New York City following the Vietnam War, the film follows Travis Bickle (De Niro), a veteran working as a taxi driver, and his deteriorating mental state as he works nights in the city.

Travis Bickle is a 26-year-old honorably discharged U.S. Marine and Vietnam War veteran suffering from PTSD and living alone in New York City. Travis takes a job as a night shift taxi driver to cope with his chronic insomnia and loneliness. He frequently goes to the porn theaters on 42nd Street and keeps a diary in which he consciously attempts to include aphorisms such as "you're only as healthy as you feel." He becomes disgusted with the crime and urban decay that he witnesses in Manhattan and dreams about ridding "the scum off the streets."

Experiencing an existential crisis and seeing various acts of prostitution throughout the city, Travis confides in a fellow taxi driver nicknamed Wizard about his violent thoughts. However, Wizard dismisses them and assures him that he will be fine. In an attempt to find an outlet for his rage, Travis begins a program of intense physical training. A fellow taxi driver recommends him to a black market gun dealer, Easy Andy, from whom Travis buys four handguns. At home, Travis practices drawing his weapons, and modifies one to allow him to hide and quickly deploy it from his sleeve. He begins attending Palantine's rallies to scope out his security. One night, Travis shoots and kills a man attempting to rob a convenience store run by a friend of his.

Schrader also used himself as inspiration. In a 1981 interview with Tom Snyder on The Tomorrow Show, he related his experience of living in New York City while battling chronic insomnia, which led him to frequent pornographic bookstores and theaters because they remained open all night. Following a divorce and a breakup with a live-in girlfriend, he spent a few weeks living in his car. After visiting a hospital for a stomach ulcer, Schrader wrote the screenplay for Taxi Driver in "under a fortnight." He states, "The first draft was maybe 60 pages, and I started the next draft immediately, and it took less than two weeks." Schrader recalls, "I realized I hadn't spoken to anyone in weeks [...] that was when the metaphor of the taxi occurred to me. That is what I was: this person in an iron box, a coffin, floating around the city, but seemingly alone." Schrader decided to make Bickle a Vietnam vet because the national trauma of the war seemed to blend perfectly with Bickle's paranoid psychosis, making his experiences after the war more intense and threatening.[11]

"And never more have I wanted to jam to a song that he and I created. LA's own Travis Barker, make some noise for him tonight," the performer raved when Barker joined the stage.

Had me out like a light, ayy, yeahLike a light, ayy, yeahLike a light, ayySlept through the flight, ayyKnocked for the night, ayy7-6-7, man, this shit got double bedroom, manI still got scores to settle, manI crept down the block (down the block)Made a right (yeah, right)Cut the lights (yeah, what?)Paid the price (yeah)

The next night, Travis stealthily enters a house and heads to the kitchen. He approaches a woman and gently taps her arm. Extremely startled, she exclaims, "God Damn It." Travis rebukes her, stating that she shouldn't say that word. The woman then hugs Travis, who is revealed to be her brother.

She laughs and brings out a tub of ice cream she wants to share with her brother. He urges her that he needs to go but she insists that he stay, blow off work for once to spend time with her. He then begins to mention that it's before something started but doesn't finish, telling her it's nothing. She laments on how they used to be able to spend time together, talk and how she wants to spend time with her baby brother. Eventually he gives in and agrees to spend time there tonight, effectively not meeting up with Gellar this night.

Travis arrives at the church where Gellar is sitting at alter, watching over a fire while heating a rod. He asks where Travis was last night and he replies by telling him he was at his sister's, that she was worried about him. Gellar informs him that she "can't be saved" but Travis goes on to say that she's a good person and all that he has. Gellar turns and says it isn't true, that he has him and God now...but stands up with rod in hand and says that he needs to be reminded of that. The rod, heated and able to burn, prepares Travis to accept punishment for what he did...but instead of using it on Travis, he places it upon his own arm and starts burning it. (Later, a burn mark is seen on Travis's arm.

The same night Travis targets his next victim, setting himself up along the jogging path of the man he's after. He is seen sitting on the ground, grasping his ankle in pain and when the man (Nathan Roberts) arrives asking what's wrong he claims that he sprained his ankle.

Professor Gellar is seen that night painting a portrait of the Angel of Death, when Travis Marshall comes up behind him to tell him of his plans for the evening. Gellar suspects he is going out on a date with Erin Baer, the waitress from earlier, and Travis says he can cancel if Gellar desires. He tells him he can do what he wishes, that they were given free will for a reason as long as he's willing to accept the consequences. Travis says he'll be back later that night and leaves, while Gellar turns to watch him.

The date ends up going fairly well for Travis (in the midst he reveals that both of his parents died in an accident) and later that night he takes Erin Baer with him to his house where the two make a leap in romantic interests by sleeping together. For some reason, Gellar is actually in his house and watches on through the crack in the door, a look of disappointment in his eyes as he sees what Travis decided on.

Professor Gellar and Travis are sitting at a bar in a nightclub, and Travis can't keep his eyes off the dancing women. Gellar tells his it's okay because God gave man the desire to look at women, but the devil makes women dress "like that." Travis says it is sad that all those people are doomed, and they don't realize it. Gellar tells Travis that he is very sensitive and that's why he was chosen by God. They notice Gellar's face on a newspaper and Gellar tells Travis he will have to capture the next victim alone. After one failed attempt by Travis they capture another woman, Holly Benson, by hitting her with a car (which breaks her arm).

Angel Batista and Joey Quinn travel to Tallahassee to question Carissa Porter. She fiercely defends him. Joey ends up spending the night with her, and the next morning Professor Gellar's notebook describing the tableaus are found in her apartment.

But how does a Milwaukee kid who found music in church grow up to take center stage for his hometown team on opening night? How does a song released in September become part of the season soundtrack for an NBA title contender? 041b061a72


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