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Fsx Iris F16 FULL Version Download

FSX Iris F-16 Full Version Download - A Review of the Best F-16 Simulation for Flight Simulator X

If you are a fan of military aviation and flight simulation, you might be interested in downloading the FSX Iris F-16 Full Version, a highly detailed and realistic add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The FSX Iris F-16 Full Version is a product of Iris Simulations, a well-known developer of high-quality aircraft add-ons for FSX and other simulators. In this article, we will review the features, performance, and installation of the FSX Iris F-16 Full Version, and show you why it is one of the best F-16 simulations available for FSX.

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Features of the FSX Iris F-16 Full Version

The FSX Iris F-16 Full Version is based on the F-16D Fighting Falcon, a two-seat variant of the F-16 multirole fighter jet. The F-16D is used by many air forces around the world for training, combat, and reconnaissance missions. The FSX Iris F-16 Full Version includes four different models of the F-16D, each with different loadouts and configurations:

  • F-16D Fighting Falcon CL: A clean configuration with no external stores.

  • F-16D Fighting Falcon CFTCAP: A configuration with conformal fuel tanks (CFTs) and air-to-air missiles.

  • F-16D Fighting Falcon CFTCAS: A configuration with CFTs and air-to-ground ordnance.

  • F-16D Fighting Falcon CFTTR: A configuration with CFTs and training rounds.

The FSX Iris F-16 Full Version also features a variety of liveries and repaints, representing different air forces and squadrons that operate the F-16D. Some of the liveries included are:

  • US Air Force 301st Fighter Wing

  • Turkish Air Force Upgrade

  • Chilean Air Force

  • Royal Bahraini Air Force

  • United Arab Emirates Air Force

  • and many more...

The FSX Iris F-16 Full Version is not only visually stunning, but also very accurate in terms of flight dynamics and systems. The add-on features a true fly-by-wire system, a working emergency power unit (EPU) system, a realistic heads-up display (HUD), a functional multifunction display (MFD), a working continuously computed impact point (CCIP) system for bombing accuracy, and a custom sound pack by IRIS AudioworX. The add-on also supports TacPack, a third-party software that adds advanced combat features to FSX.

Performance of the FSX Iris F-16 Full Version

The FSX Iris F-16 Full Version is designed to run smoothly on most systems, without compromising the quality and realism of the simulation. The add-on has a low impact on system resources, thanks to the optimization and coding skills of Michael Hagele, the owner of Triple Six Design Studio and the main developer of the add-on. Michael has spent two years working on this project, and his passion and expertise are evident in every aspect of the add-on.

The FSX Iris F-16 Full Version is compatible with FSX Acceleration (or FSX Gold), which is required for full functionality. The add-on also works with Prepar3D, another flight simulator based on the FSX engine. However, some features may not work properly in Prepar3D, as the add-on is not officially supported by IRIS Simulations for this platform.

Installation of the FSX Iris F-16 Full Version

The installation of the FSX Iris F-16 Full Version is very easy and straightforward. You can download the add-on from [Fly Away Simulation], one of the largest and most trusted sources of freeware mods and add-ons for flight simulators. The download file is about 23 MB in size, and contains four folders, each corresponding to one of the four models of the F-16D. You simply need to copy and paste each folder into your FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes directory, and you are ready to fly.

If you want to use TacPack with the FSX Iris F-16 Full Version, you need to purchase and install TacPack separately from [Vertical Reality Simulations], the developer of the software. You also need to download and install the TacPack compatibility patch for the FSX Iris F-16 Full Version, which is available from [Fly Away Simulation] as well. The patch will enable the weapons and sensors of the F-16D to work with TacPack.


The FSX Iris F-16 Full Version is a must-have add-on for any flight simulator enthusiast who loves military aviation and combat simulation. The add-on offers a high level of detail, realism, and immersion, as well as a variety of models, liveries, and configurations to choose from. The add-on is also very user-friendly and performance-friendly, making it suitable for most systems and preferences. The FSX Iris F-16 Full Version is one of the best F-16 simulations for FSX, and you can download it for free from [Fly Away Simulation].


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