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Caterpillar D2 Serial Number Guide

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Caterpillar D2 Serial Number Guide

The D2 is one of the most well-known and most-admired of the classic Caterpillar Diesel tractors. Production of the J series began in 1938 and ran until 1947 when the redesigned U series continued the line until 1958 when the D2 ceased production. They were the smallest diesel-powered crawler tractors that Cat produced and are a whole lot of fun today. There were many changes and refinements made to the D2 over the years. Let's start with the series designations. The J series was first, 3Js are the "narrow gauge" tractors and the 5Js the "wide gauge", these prefixes designated the width of the tractor from the center of track to center of track, 3Js are 40" on center, 5Js are 50". The U series followed the same protocol, with the 4Us being narrow and 5Us being wide. The big difference in the U series was the new D311 engine and other refinements as a result. The table below has more on what changed between the J and U series tractors. You can find the series designation on the serial number plates which are aluminium plates located in two places, at the top rear left hand side of the engine block and at the top left hand side of the rear of the transmission case.

Swift Equipment also mentions about the diesel engine serial number computation. Some of the new engines having some information regarding the engine data plates but the two types of the motor have the same kind of information that is also just seen inside the block. You can check out the two different numbers such as serial number and the model number.

We found an old 271 in our yard that had the serial number on the left rear section of the engine so as we have stated before, you just really never know. This intention of this article is to simply provide you with the most likely areas to find your serial number information.

The engine data plate can be found on the front cover. The engine data plate contains the name of the manufacturer, the model of the engine, the engine serial number, and the arrangement number. The engine serial number may be found stamped into the engine block, located behind the compressor. 1e1e36bf2d


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