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Following this demonstration that an individual language may distinguish the grammar of words from the syntax of phrases, we consider the issue in more general terms. If we take seriously the suggestion that a system of principles governs the construction of words and their relations within a lexicon, and a different system governs the syntactic structure of phrases, clauses, etc., we would expect some systematic differences to obtain between the two systems.

Grammar Sense 2 book pdf

L concentrates on written rather than spoken Turkish, although constructions that are only found in written or spoken discourse are flagged as such. The book also heavily emphasizes morphology and word formation and much less so word order and clausal structure.

The index is helpful and contains both grammatical terminology and key words. The only criticism of this handbook is its lack of references to other works dealing with Turkish grammar and historical linguistics. There are some references to other publications, but a more detailed bibliography and cross-reference list would make Turkish grammar even more useful.

And it is precisely in this sense that negation seems so simple. One expects that for every positive proposition there should be a unique negative proposition, and that in any situation either one or the other, but not both, should be true. Either the sky is blue, or it is not blue; either the moon is made of green cheese, or it is not made of green cheese; either death is the mother of beauty, or it is not the mother of beauty.


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