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Buy Waterbed Mattress Online ^NEW^

We have a wide range of waterbeds available, from soft-side waterbeds to hard-side waterbed models. Our waterbeds come in a variety of sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king, and feature different levels of firmness to suit your preferences.

buy waterbed mattress online

We offer financing through our partner Affirm. Specializing in providing financing for products purchased online, Affirm offers you a variety of plans based on your own plans and personal finances. A credit check is required to obtain financing, but checking your credit through Affirm will never affect your credit score.

A king-size waterbed mattress is not the cheapest, but the one that offers comfort and the best bang for your buck. If you're sharing a bed with your partner (or your pets!), space is likely a priority. Some of us want more room to move around to get a good night's sleep. If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place to look for a king mattress. This mattress is expensive, but if you have the budget for this mattress brand and are looking for a way to invest in your quality of life, you won't be disappointed.

If you're wondering, the difference between a king and a California king waterbed isn't the overall size. A king-size waterbed mattress has more surface area than a California king. A California king mattress is longer and narrower than a king, measuring 72 inches by 84 inches. In comparison, a king measures 76 inches by 80 inches, making it perfect for taller couples who need more room at the foot of the bed than a queen or king mattress provides.

Waterbed costs can vary pretty widely. Are you seeking a cheap waterbed you're only going to use as a novelty or for the occasional short-term guest? Price can vary significantly based on an individual's needs, preferences, and bed size they're trying to purchase. A twin-sized waterbed without any of the bells and whistles may only cost around $200, especially if it's bought from a department store rather than a significant mattress retailer. Still, you'll probably get what you paid for, as the saying goes.

Keep in mind that while some waterbeds may end up costing more if you're planning to use it long-term, especially one that's going to be your main sleeping bed, then you're going to need to spend significantly more.

Much like traditional mattress styles, waterbeds vary in price depending on their brand, type (hardside or softside), and the quality of their design and materials. Softside waterbeds typically cost more than hardside waterbeds due to the addition of foams, fibers, and padding that help contain the water chamber and make the mattress' aesthetic appear traditional.

So if you've got a little more room in your budget, a king-size waterbed luxury feature can cost up to $2,000. Manufacturers find unique ways to include memory foam or other materials that result in less maintenance, a longer lifespan, or more personalized comfort with these premium beds. On average, a quality king-size mattress should cost you around $1,300, but a waterbed is considered a premium mattress to purchase.

When buying a king-size waterbed mattress, make sure it comes with all the accessories you need for a comfortable sleep. Accessories like a portable heater, waterbed conditioner, electric pump, and vinyl repair kit, and the price ranges from $300 to $2000. There are also bed frames and foam tops for extra padding.

The king-size dimension of hardside and softside waterbeds are available in limited sizes compared to other mattress types. Hardside waterbeds take up much more room than softside beds but regardless of which type you'd like to purchase, be sure to measure your space to ensure the bed will fit. Also, remember that hardside waterbeds usually require new sheet sets (because of their specific size), whereas softside models do not. As an idea,

Our king-size mattress measures 80 inches long and 76 inches wide or 6 feet 8 inches long by 6 feet and four inches wide. Compared to a queen-size mattress, it offers the same length but 16 more inches in width.

Because of how waterbed frames are made, they distribute their weight more evenly across the floor than a standard bed. Unless there are problems with the structure itself, there shouldn't be concerns for the flooring, and those are hardly the mattresses' fault.

Keep in mind that average mattresses also require maintenance, even if it looks different. If not filling or draining a waterbed, moving or rotating a mattress also requires effort. Mattresses can sink and catch bed bugs. And so on.

Waterbed mattresses come in a variety of different styles and comfort levels. Typically, the better mattresses have less motion, are firmer, and offer more support while being made from higher quality materials.

Our recommendation is to buy the best quality waterbed mattress that you can afford. Keep in mind that you will be spending eight hours a night on your new mattress, and you deserve to be comfortable!

Completely reimagined by the inventor of the original waterbed, Afloat crafts the most technologically advanced waterbeds available today. Subscribe to receive updates on special promotions, customer testimonials, and media buzz.

Having set up hundreds of hardside wooden waterbed frames and filling waterbeds I can say that it was not overly challenging but it did take about an hour from start to finish (sometimes longer if they wanted to squeeze a king size bed into a twin size room). Customers were always anxious to help and were excited to get their new waterbed and try it out.

I bought a small furniture factory in Anaheim, CA. and converted it to a waterbed frame and bedroom furniture factory called Accent Furniture. I also started a waterbed sheet manufacturing company in Missouri called Snuggles to manufacture waterbed sheets, mattress pads and comforters. These products were a great complement to the waterbed mattress. Consumers came into a waterbed store ostensibly to buy a waterbed, however the vinyl waterbed mattress was just a small part of what was included in their total purchase. Many of our customers bought a complete bedroom set, an upgraded semi-waveless or waveless mattress, solid state heaters, upgraded drawer pedestals and padded rails to help them get in and out of the bed. Of course you needed special size sheets, mattress pads and comforters because waterbed sizes were different than regular dead beds. The vinyl waterbed mattress would usually cost less than $300 for a good waveless mattress, however, all of the other accessories could total over several thousand dollars. The waterbed mattress was the engine that drove the explosion of accessory sales which drove the revenue of waterbed stores. Then something disruptive happened, the soft sided waterbeds. Now consumers could buy a waterbed mattress that looked like a regular innerspring mattress. The side rails were foam instead of wood. It used regular sheets, mattress pads and comforters so you no longer needed to buy them at a waterbed store. The average waterbed sale (including furniture and accessories) dropped from about $1700 to about $850. This product solved some aesthetic issues and was more practical because it used conventional bedding but it did not increase the unit volume or market share of waterbeds. It still had many of the challenges with filling and draining that was present with other waterbeds. Now you can buy them without the need for a heater.

The bed offers amazing support and contouring and there is zero motion transfer from either side of the bed as each calibrator is individually pocketed. Each calibrator has a water conditioner tablet in it already and there is no need to ever change the water or add another conditioner tablet. The mattress is light enough that there is no need to empty the water to move the mattress.

With LoadUp, the more you have us haul away, the more you'll save. You can easily schedule a pickup online, or send us a text. One of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you with a quote and with scheduling your junk removal services."}}, {"@type": "Question","name": "Am I required to disassemble my waterbed before you'll remove it?","acceptedAnswer": {"@type": "Answer","text": "As a full-service junk removal company, we provide a complete solution for removing and disposing of your old waterbed and other unwanted junk. This includes disassembly as an add-on for waterbeds that require extensive disassembly for safe removal from your home. The only thing we require is that you drain any remaining water from the mattress before our arrival. The draining process can take up to two hours, so make sure to give yourself enough time for the mattress to fully drain.

If you think your waterbed might require disassembly, you can add disassembly service online via our online booking system. From the Order Details screen, turn the option for disassembly on. You can then select the item or items in your junk removal order that require disassembly.

Waterbed mattresses are particularly difficult to dispose of due to the added element of water. When you are looking for a fast, easy and affordable solution for getting rid of an old waterbed, turn to the junk removal experts at LoadUp! Our Loaders do all the heavy lifting and hauling for you, so you do not have to lift or do any disposal at all.

As a full-service junk removal company, we provide a complete solution for removing and disposing of your old waterbed and other unwanted junk. This includes disassembly as an add-on for waterbeds that require extensive disassembly for safe removal from your home. The only thing we require is that you drain any remaining water from the mattress before our arrival. The draining process can take up to two hours, so make sure to give yourself enough time for the mattress to fully drain. 041b061a72


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