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John Thompson


The harvesting project will take place on Sunday, September 25 from 1-3pm and is a family friendly event. Volunteers will meet at North Valley Food Bank, 251 Flathead Avenue, Whitefish, at 1pm to sign volunteer paperwork, pick up harvesting supplies and receive their tree location assignment. All volunteers should return to NVFB after completing picking to drop off harvested fruit. For more information or to sign up, contact or call 406.862.5863, ext: 1003.


After the merger, he plans to close about eight branches in towns where the two banks now compete, achieving some efficiency. Some of the branches are so close, "you could throw rocks into each others' windows," he said. The closures will happen after January 2015.

North Valley Church provides an annual contribution statement in January of each year. If you have an Online Giving account, you may login and view your giving for both current and prior calendar years. This online record includes all donations you have made, regardless of the method. To have a printed contribution statement mailed to you please request at 041b061a72


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